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Height (inches):
Exact +/- 10"
Width (inches):
Exact +/- 10"

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Reflection of your Voice
48 x 36 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Ghaderi, Nasser
8 x 10 in.
Brown, Henry
36 x 18 in.
Burn, Paul
60 x 36 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Moore, Taylor
That's my Boy
24 x 30 in.
Photography, Mixed Media, Ink on Paper, Drawing
Froment, Edmee
Alluring Marilyn
60 x 45 in.
Mixed Media
Moyal, Kfir
Let My People Go
10 x 8 in.
Klymchuk, Valerii
Little Bighorn & Jack II
50 x 70 in.
Oil on Canvas
Buie, Melinda
An old man during WW2 by rafi talby
60 x 60 in.
Oil on Wood
talby, rafi
City Gates (Birddog)
28 x 22 in.
Mixed Media
Golba, Bill
36 x 36 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Johnson, Mark Thomas
Suspension 2
48 x 60 in.
Oil on Canvas
Nisonson, Leigh
And They're Off
24 x 48 in.
Oil on Canvas
finger, nicole
Blue nr.12
14 x 11 in.
Bal√°zs, Ferencz
Danse Macabre
40 x 30 in.
Coetzee Lambrecht, Bettie
Study of a Cognitive Landscape 46
12 x 12 in.
Mixed Media, Ink on Paper, Water Color, Drawing, Other
Nazarévskaia, Kristina
Empire State Building 1
20 x 16 in.
Schaefer, Carolyn
Quotidian Treasures, The Chairs
30 x 45 in.
Knospe, Alexandra
The Mask - Lola
16 x 12 in.
Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media
Bakir, Sergey
Untitled (Keyer #2)
8 x 8 in.
Ink on Paper
Wolf, Andy
Golden Bouquet 24 x 24
24 x 24 in.
Sculpture, Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media
Hite, Wanda

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