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Height (inches):
Exact +/- 10"
Width (inches):
Exact +/- 10"

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Golden Bouquet 24 x 24
24 x 24 in.
Sculpture, Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media
Hite, Wanda
15 x 2 in.
alfred, anatoli
Giant Hunting
36 x 24 in.
Brown, Eric
Petale de rubin
23 x 23 in.
Oil on Canvas
Elena, Bissinger
Unscripted Happenings.
16 x 20 in.
Photography, Mixed Media
Swain Bingham, Amanda
30 x 26 in.
Kao, James
Jones Beach Killers
30 x 45 in.
Photography, Other
Maiman, Ohad
arabian boat
16 x 23 in.
Water Color
alhamiri, aysha
Who Got More Style?
13 x 9 in.
Horton, Darnell
Red Tail Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) 2
30 x 20 in.
dimov, marc
24 x 20 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
golovinskaya, ekaterina
Warm Currents
60 x 144 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Yates, Stephen
Scales Disseminating
18 x 16 in.
Oil on Canvas
Melville, Erica
27 x 19 in.
Oil on Canvas
Lomnaru, Emanuel
Eye of the Storm
18 x 24 in.
Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media
Mee, Lisa
36 x 24 in.
graham, jenna
In the eye of the fly on ice
31 x 47 in.
Soehnel, Benjamin
72 x 54 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Deppe Parker, Jennifer
Rotting Tree at Lullingstone
12 x 10 in.
Beckett, John Charles
25 x 30 in.
Oil on Canvas
Konev, Vyacheslav
30 x 40 in.
Caputo, Carol

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